AVI / LAR (Live Animals Regulations) Training

1. Aim of the course: Familiarization with procedures on acceptance and shipping of live animals by air. After completion of the course, participants will know how to accept live animal shipments to be sent by air and how to manage these shipments according to the procedures of IATA, local authorities and airlines.

2. Target group: Cargo acceptance staff dealing with live animals.
After successful completion of the course, participants will receive an AP Academy-certificate.

3. Required Foreknowledge: Basic Cargo – administration

4. Course – Contents:

  • Proper use of IATA’s Live Animals Regulations manual
  • Government- and airline- regulations.
  • Shippers’ and airlines’ responsibilities.
  • Classification and identification of live animals.
  • Packaging, documentation and marking requirements for live animal shipments.
  • Special shipping procedures and considerations for endangered species.
  • Delay and emergency handling.
  • Load planning and calculation.
  • Completion of the Shipper’s Certification for Live Animals, the Notification to Captain (NOTOC) and CITES documentation.
  • Exercises

5. Timeframe: Basic training : 2 days

6. Languages: Dutch / French / English

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