AMS – Head Ramp Services

Purpose of the Position
Head ramp department is responsible for developing, planning, coordinating and controlling ramp and baggage service. Participating in strategic thinking and developments for airside operations.
Position reports directly to Director Operations.

Main goals are:

  • Focus on ramp performance by improving safety, efficiency, productivity and quality.
  • Accomplishing short / long term planning objectives for ramp and baggage services.
  • Secure flow of information concerning procedures and safety to ramp and baggage employees.
  • Works closely with airside training team and airside central planning on having the correct level of staffing and qualifications available at each time.
  • Ensure a continuous adequate level of service to existing customers in relation to predefined engagement standards.
  • Make sure ramp safety KPI´s are monitored and appropriate actions taken to ensure safe operation.
  • Carry out regular business reviews with existing customers to identify and adjust any performance issues.
  • Keep up to date with long-term innovative developments in Airline / Airport environment.
Organisation of operations
  • Plan, organise, co-ordinate and control ramp operations within the station or division in order to deliver the required services to the customer in due time, in the most efficient way.
  • Manage systematic improvement of processes in order to increase quality and efficiency.
  • Implementation + follow-up of Change-plans, supporting the strategic and budget objectives.
  • Implement, control and follow-up of safety- and security-procedures.
Human Resources
  • Establish and implement training programs in order to develop skills and effectiveness of labour force (in accordance with predefined engagement standards).
  • Identify needs, make recommendations and obtain approval for changes/recruitment of personnel.
  • Realisation of budgets, by continuously proactively monitoring the actuals and finding creative solutions for adapting in case of deviation.
  • Identify (un)favourable revenue or expense trends, remedy or harvest on them.
  • Establish resource requirements (including ground service equipment) and maximise efficient utilisation of resources.

Remark: Other responsibilities than those described above, can be added to the function.

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