Headset Training

1. Aim of the course:

  • Familiarization with Headset Procedures / communication with the Flightdeck during pushback with tow tractor and start-up of the aircraft according to the standard safety procedures.
  • Acquired competences; enables staff to perform headset communication and aircraft departure control

2. Target group: Experienced Airside-staff.
After successful completion of the course, the trainees will receive an AP Academy-certificate.

3. Required Foreknowledge:

  • Basic Ramp Safety-training
  • Knowledge of pushback-procedures
  • English language
  • Airport Driving License (if applicable)

4. Course – Contents:

Theoretical training: Communication

  • Communication between ground (headsetter) and Flightdeck
  • Communication between Flightdeck and Tower Parking Control
  • Communication between ground (headsetter) and pushback driver
  • Standard procedure and expressions (ICAO Alphabet)
  • Headset Communication procedures (including hand signals)
  • Walk around checks: technical explanation of all doors and latches
  • Start up procedure aircraft engines (limited view of the flight deck)
  • Start up procedure aircraft engines with problems
  • Safety and emergency-procedures (Steering safety pin)
  • Responsibilities
  • De-/Anti-Icing initiation

Practical training (individual):

  • Refresher Pushback- procedures and tow bar manipulation
  • Live headset communication using a double Headset-connection, one for the trainer and one for the trainee

5. Timeframe:
Theoretical training : 4 hours
Practical training : 3 days or 20 headsets with instructor (this is an average which can vary according to the complexity of the operation and the airport infrastructure)

6. Languages: English / Dutch / French / German / Italian

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