1. Aim of the course: Familiarization with Ramp Equipment: proper use of equipment and driving according to the Aviapartner standards and safety procedures.
Acquired competencies ; enables staff to safely drive and position basic and/or specialized equipment on airside

2. Target group: Ramp-staff operating ground service equipment. Unless special agreement, practical training can only be given at the customer’s premises.

3. Required Foreknowledge:

For basic equipment (tractor, conveyor belt, GPU, stairs:

  • Ramp Safety Awareness
  • Airport Driving License (if applicable)

For specialized equipment (high loader, pushback):

  • Ramp Safety Awareness
  • Airport Driving License (if applicable)
  • Experience with basic equipment

4. Course – Contents:

  • “Ready for use” -check
  • Proper use of equipment
  • Positioning at the aircraft
  • Safety procedures
  • Specifics depending on type(s) of equipment (to be specified)

5. Timeframe: Depending on type(s) of equipment

6. Languages:
Belgium : Dutch / English / French
France : French / English
Germany : German / English
Italy : Italian / English
Netherlands : Dutch / English

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