De-icing Training

1. Aim of the course:

  • Familiarization with De-/Anti-icing Procedures: to get acquainted with the theoretical and practical basics of de-icing.
  • Acquired competencies and licence; enables and licences staff to perform De-/Anti-icing of all aircraft.

2. Target group: Experienced Ramp Services staff
After successful completion of the course, trainees will get an AP Academy Certificate which is valid for one year.

3. Required Foreknowledge:

  • Airport Driving Licence (if applicable)
  • Basic Ramp safety Course
  • Knowledge of the English language
  • Experience in ramp-handling

4. Course – Contents:

De-icing/anti-icing Basic/Refresher Course, theoretical training:

  • Organizations and regulations
  • The need for de-icing (aerodynamics)
  • De-icing/anti-icing definitions
  • Types of weather
  • Responsibility
  • AEA tables (The holdover times)
  • Refractometers (Water test / ADF test)
  • Types of fluids
  • Aviapartner documents
  • General procedures (de-icing, anti-icing, alternative methods)
  • De-icing procedures according to aircraft type
  • Communication
  • Checks(contamination/anti-icing/post de-icing, pre-taxi and pre-take off check)
  • Health and safety / Environment

De-icing/anti-icing Basic Course, practical training:

  • Driving the de-icing truck, manipulating the boom
  • Spraying procedures
  • De-icing procedures according to aircraft-types
  • Emergency and safety procedures
  • Storage tanks / Filling station

5. Timeframe: Basic theory: 1 day & practical individual training with an instructor: 1 day
Refresher-course (yearly) : 1 day

6. Languages:
Belgium : Dutch / French / English
France : French / English
Netherlands : Dutch / English

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