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Ramp Safety Awareness Training

1. Aim of the course

  • Familiarization with safety procedures on the ramp in order to create safety awareness.
  • After successful completion of the course, trainees will know the basic safety-rules and procedures for aircraft-handling

2. Target group

All employees with operational duties on the ramp

After successful completion of the course (test 80%), the trainees will receive an AP-Academy-certificate.

3. Required Foreknowledge


4. Course - Contents

  • The importance of safety
    • The human factors
    • The legal factor
    • The economical and commercial factor
  • Responsibilities in safety
  • Accidents and incidents: definition, investigation, causes
  • Traffic rules
    • Service drives, taxiways and parking area
    • Speed limits
    • Aircraft and passengers; priority
  • Risks on the Ramp
    • Aircraft arrivals and departures
    • Communication ground-cockpit
    • Engine danger, dangerous aircraft parts
    • Equipment (driving procedures, safety stop, ramp co-ordination manual, equipment danger)
  • Fire prevention
  • F.O.D.
  • Weather conditions
  • Dangerous goods
  • Spills
  • Report damages , defects and engine troubles
  • Individual protection
  • Working and driving with equipment and vehicles
  • Unloading and loading of the aircraft
  • Positioning equipment at the aircraft
  • Fuelling and fire prevention
  • Test (pass-score is 80%)

5. Timeframe

Theoretical Basic Ramp safety:  4 hours

6. Languages

Languages in which we can offer the training:

Dutch / English / French / German / Italian

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